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And Peter said, Lo, we have left our own, and followed thee. And he said unto them, Verily I say unto you, There is no man that hath left house, or wife, or brethren, or parents, or children, for the kingdom of God's sake, who shall not receive manifold more in this time, and in the world to come eternal life. And he took unto him the twelve, and said unto them, Behold, we go up to Jerusalem, and all the things that are written through the prophets shall be accomplished unto the Son of man. For he shall be delivered up unto the Gentiles, and shall be mocked, and shamefully treated, and spit upon: and they shall scourge and kill him: and the third day he shall rise again. (Luke 18: 28-33-ASV) The first of the sabbaths Mary Magdalene came early to the tomb, darkness still being on it, and she saw the stone taken away from the tomb. Then she ran and came to Simon Peter, and to the other disciple whom Jesus loved, and said to them, They have taken away the Lord out of the tomb, and we do not know where they have laid Him. Therefore Peter and that other disciple went forth and came to the tomb. So they both ran together. And the other disciple outran Peter and came first to the tomb. And stooping down he saw the linens lying, yet he did not go in. Then Simon Peter came following him and went into the tomb. And he saw the linens lying there. And the grave-cloth that was on His head was not lying with the linens, but was wrapped up in one place by itself. Therefore, then, that other disciple also went in, the one who came first to the tomb. And he saw and believed. For as yet they did not know the Scripture that He must rise again from the dead. Then the disciples went away again to themselves. But Mary stood outside of the tomb, weeping. And as she wept, she stooped down into the tomb. And she saw two angels in white sitting there, the one at the head and the other at the feet, where the body of Jesus had lain. And they said to her, Woman, why do you weep? She said to them, Because they have taken away my Lord, and I do not know where they have laid Him. And when she had said this, she turned backward and saw Jesus standing, but she did not know that it was Jesus. Jesus said to her, Woman, why do you weep? Whom do you seek? Supposing Him to be the gardener, she said to Him, Sir, if you have carried Him away from here, tell me where you have laid Him and I will take Him away. Jesus said to her, Mary! She turned herself and said to Him, Rabboni! (which is to say, Master!) Jesus said to her, Do not touch Me, for I have not yet ascended to My Father. But go to My brothers and say to them, I ascend to My Father and Your Father, and to My God and your God. Mary Magdalene came and told the disciples that she had seen the Lord and that He had spoken these things to her. (John 20: 1-18-MKJV) We all need a life preserver and thankfully, we have one. His name is Jesus. Some of the synonymous for preserver are; Protector, Savior and Guardian. As we read verses 32-33 in Luke 18 of the above scriptures, Jesus knew he would be delivered into the hands of the persons to kill him, however, he said with confidence he would rise again on the third day. In other words, Jesus knew God would preserve him. Do we realize that our lives are being preserved daily? We are kept beneath the shelter of his wings. If Jesus had not died more than 2000 years ago for you and me, we would not have a Life Preserver. I do not know about you, however, I have found some items are harder to preserve than others. Milk can spoil faster than eggs, and lettuce spoils faster than spinach. I know it depends on the temperature of the refrigerator, but it also depends on the product itself. Some of us are the same way, we can last longer in circumstances and situations depending on what they are than someone else can. Because Jesus is the only person who can help us through all of life’s challenges, it would seem only natural that we turn to him first, however, that is not always the case. We ofttimes sit and plan ways of escape that do not work and as a last result, we then turn to the Master. Jesus came for the sole purpose of redemption for our lives. Because we have the ability to preserve items ourselves, perhaps, we tend to forget that Jesus is our only preserver, for us there is no one else. I am not by any means suggesting that doctors or anyone else in the medical field is not helpful because they are, but, they are not equipped with the ability to be our life preserver. Man has learned many ways of preserving our foods, plants, and other items but not without using some kind of chemical in an effort to keep it fresh. There was only one thing that we needed for Jesus to keep us and that was his shed blood. If you know of someone who is looking for a preserver, then tell them about the Savior. Help them to understand that He loves them unconditionally and will always be waiting to welcome them home. Remind them that Christ rose from the dead on the third day and that he is now seated at the right- hand side of our Father with all power in His hands. The devil is defeated and Christ is exalted. Allow yourself to digress for a few moments and think about the sacrifice that Christ made for us – with that thought in mind, are we willing to preserve ourselves to be used by Him? You may be at a place in your life where the enemy has made you feel that you are not usable, however, he is a liar. As long as we have life, Jesus desires to reassure us that we are his and he wants us to do a great work for him. So, my beloved, gird up your loins, straighten up your back and know, if you or someone you know needs a life preserver today, I just stopped by long enough to tell you – you have one his name is JESUS!!